If I Could Read My Life

An-article-of-lifeI read a lot. So if someone, some stranger came to me and gave me a book I would most likely read it if it looked even a little bit interesting. However, if a stranger gave me a book that contained everything that has or will happen, and I must read it cover to cover or not at all, I not sure what I would say. There are positives and negatives in reading it but also not reading it.

If I were to read this book, every page, I would know everything that will happen even things that i can prevent from happening that could be horrible to myself or those who I keep close and dearly. I would know who would leave and who would stay, when I would meet my “soulmate”, when and where I died. Knowing all this information can be helpful throughout life, but it would take the fun and excitement out of everything i do.

By saying no, I would still have that fun. It is kinda like having a secret around a corner crawling ready to reveal any moment. However, knowing I could read it, know about all the good, the bad, and the ugly about my life. If someone died, I would know and be prepared for it. I would feel guilty for everything bad that happened to my loved ones.

In conclusion, either way, there is something wrong with read it or not reading it. I would rather not have the stranger come to me at all. Stranger Danger.


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