Inspired by The Genie

A inspiration comes from someone or something that helps you move for word and do the things you dream of at night. They inspire you to do something big in the world or even something small that makes a differance somewhere to someone. My inspiration is Robin Williams. Robin Willams made a difference in the world around him by simply, making the world laugh. Making others in a great mood by his different acting skills such as his different vocies. In the Disney movie “Aladdin”, Willams improved a lot throughout the whole movie. He made kids believe that what ever holds you back you one day will be free and that is what inspires me.


2 thoughts on “Inspired by The Genie

  1. Wow, what an inspiration! I don’t think Robin Williams understood what an impact he has made on people, myself included. My heart hurts because he was in so much emotional pain. For this reason, I try to be there for people. We never know if they are hurting because masks are so easy to come by.


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